Clipping Path Service FAQ

When you want to remove the background from an image or logo, a clipping path can be used to produce the desired results.

Do you need a clipping path service?

If you have an image you want printed, but with part of the image or background removed, you need a clipping path service. To get a quote on your clipping path image(s), use the Clipping Service Quote form.

What is a clipping path?

A clipping path is the digital equivalent of cutting out part of a photograph with a scissors, except it is done on a digital image by trained professional's employing sophisticated software tools. A clipping path cuts out an area of an image, removing it from the background. Everything inside the clipping path is kept while everything outside the path is deleted. It can also be used to edit a particular area of an image. Clipping paths can produce a sharp, defined edge or a soft edge instead of a jagged "stepping stair" edge.


Image before clipping path
Image before clipping path service
image after clipping path applied
Image after clipping path's applied


Why is a clipping path used instead of "painting over" the unwanted parts of the image?

The reasons to use a clipping path to remove the background from an image varies with the project but generally involve:


  • Flexibility. Many file types can be edited with a clipping path, including JPG, PNG, GIF, TIF.
  • Professionalism. A clipped image will look better than "painting out" the background. A clipped image simply looks more professional.
  • Edge Treatment. A clipped image can be created with either a sharp edge or a soft edge.
  • Edibility. A clipped image can be edited at any time.
  • Convenience. A clipping path service is easy and fast.
  • File Size. A clipped image can produce a smaller file size.


How much does a clipping path service cost?

The cost for converting artwork to a clipped path is based on the number of images and the complexity of the clipping path required to remove the image. Note that the service is only to those placing an order for a product in our store.


  • Simple Clipping Path. For images that require just a simple outline—perhaps with a few curves or jagged edges—but with no inside paths.
    image before simple clipping path
    Image Before Clipping Path
    image with simple clipping path
    Simple Clipping Path Applied
  • Medium Clipping Path. For images with more difficult compounded shapes (i.e., shapes made up of many other shapes) but with no inside paths.
    image before simple clipping path
    Image Before Clipping Path
    image with medium clipping path
    Medium Clipping Path Applied 
  • Complex Clipping Path. For images with complex shapes requiring many cutting paths, a detailed outline, or inside paths.
    image before complex clipping path
    Image Before Clipping Path
    complex clipping path
    Complex Clipping Paths Applied